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Black August

Marilyn Buck


Would you hang on a cliff's edge
sword-sharp, slashing fingers
while jackboot screws stomp heels
on peeled-flesh bones
and laugh
       "let go! die, damn you, die!
could you hang on 20 years, 30 years?

20 years, 30 years and more
brave Black brothers buried
in US koncentration kamps
they hang on
Black light shining in torture chambers
       Ruchell, Yogi, Sundiata, Sekou,
       Warren, Chip, Seth, Herman, Jalil,
and more and more they resist:     Black August

Nat Turner insurrection chief executed:     Black August
Jonathan, George dead in battle's light:     Black August
Fred Hampton, Black Panthers, African Brotherhood murdered:     Black August
Kuwasi Balagoon, Nuh Abdul Quyyam captured warriors dead:     Black August
Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Ella Baker, Ida B. Wells
Queen Mother Moore - their last breaths drawn fighting death:     Black August

Black August: watchword
for Black liberation for human liberation
sword to sever the shackles

light to lead children of every nation to safety
Black August remembrance
resist the amerikkan nightmare for life

Marilyn Buck 00482-285
anti-imperialist political prisoner
Black August 2000

Kathleen Cleaver visitng Marilyn BuckKathleen Cleaver visiting Marilyn c. 2006